Hello there! My name is Kari and I am many things to many people:

Wife. Mother. Farmer. Homeschooler. Fashionista. Natural Health Nut. Self Proclaimed NON-GMO Educator. Crunchy Mom. Jesus Lover. Entrepreneur. Skin Care Guru. Amateur Gluten Free Chef. Doula. Student of Clinical Aromatherapy. Holistic and Herbal Medicine User. Ordained Minister. Charity Founder. Crochet Enthusiast. Organization Lover. Life Hack Inventor. Shortcut Lover.

I learn a million new things everyday. Most of the time I learn the hard way, but sometimes I learn the easy way. One thing is for sure- I ALWAYS find a shortcut to help with things around here.

Now I’m going to share those with you.

Welcome to my blog!