Monsanto Made Me a Disney Princess

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a Disney Princess. In fact, I can say that from a fairly young age I was CERTAIN I would one day actually be one. I just never realized it would come so close to being true.


Some days, on the days where I’m not so exhausted that I forget to pause and look around, I stand in my backyard and just take it all in. The sounds. The smells. The animals all running towards me. Leaves and twigs crunching under their feet. The chickens happily clucking to see if I have a treat.


Today was once of those days.


I stood staring at my backyard in a sort of fairy tale haze, looking at my life and wondering how I got so lucky to be living this amazing fairy tale. Tucked away from the cruel reality of the world, in a way.


Tonight, as I wondered how I got this lucky, I walked through the yard and looked over our property line, through the trees, at the field behind our house. My eyes filled to the brim with tears as I choked back a sob. All 80 acres filled to the brim with corn.


As I looked at that field, I realized that I’ve made it. I’m a Disney Princess.

Only… I never expected to be Snow White. And I never expected most of the world to be eating that poisonous apple either.

The apple that will never lead to Happily Ever After.

The apple created by a witch named Monsanto.


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