10 Quotes to Help You On The Days You Want to Punch Someone in the Face

Every single one of  has days so bad that we fear we might punch the next person who frustrates us directly in the face! I know I sure have days like that!! And I’m not really an advocate for physical violence, so I’m going to recommend against the punching 😉

On a frustrating day, I like to find quotes that encourage me to move on with my day and not harbor the anger and frustration until tomorrow (or next month or next year!)

So… if you’re trying to avoid punching someone in the face today, or if you’ve already come close to ripping all of your own hair out in frustration… these  10 quotes are for you! 😉

farmer fashionista quote 1

farmer fashionista quote 2

farmer fashionista quote 3

farmer fashionista quote 4

farmer fashionista quote 5

farmer fashionista quote 6

farmer fashionista quote 7

farmer fashionista quote 8

farmer fashionista quote 9

farmer fashionista quote 10

That last one ALWAYS gets me! In the midst of being so irritated I probably missed a blessing!

What do you do at the end of a long frustrating day?

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