How to Look Like You Have Your S*** Together: Style Tips for Busy Women

I always laugh when someone tells me that they wish they could have it all together like me. No one has it all together… some of us are just better at faking it than others 😉

With a full time (40-50 hour/week) job, homeschooling, running a farm, running a skincare business and trying to cook, clean and workout daily, I find myself running short on time basically ALL THE TIME.

When my husband, Bryce, and I first got married and I started having kids, I decided I didn’t want to put clothes or make up on if I wasn’t leaving the house. And so… I lived almost exclusively in my bathrobe from 2008-2011. Not. Even. Joking.

The busier I’ve become, the more I’ve realized that getting dressed and feeling like I have my life together leads to me actually having my life together! Imagine that 😉


So.. whether your goal is to actually get your life together… or just LOOK like you have it all together, I’m going to let you in on my secrets to looking like I have it ALL together!

1. Wear BASIC clothing. I said basic because I truly meant basic. Anything that’s too specialized, too custom, too unique, too flashy, too showy, too whatever can’t be mixed and matched with endless options. You want to stay basic. (Closet organization is HUGE too, but we’ll talk about that in another post!)

And you know that tiny little tag inside of all of your clothes? The one with a number on it? Don’t buy your clothes based on that stupid little number. RIP OUT THE TAGS IF YOU HAVE TO.

Finally, buy clothes that are flattering for your body type. Don’t buy what looks good on someone else and try to make it fit YOUR body… go with whatever look is most flattering for your shape and body!

(My favorite tee is made by Z•Supply and I have one in MANY colors! The fit is super flattering and they can be dressed up or down depending what you do with your layers! )

2. LAYERS. Oh my God layers are like magic. Seriously… Do NOT underestimate the power of layers. For some reason layers just make you look like you spent a serious amount of time piecing together the perfect outfit… but when everything is basic, then lots of things match. Nothing screams “I have my shit together!” quite like layers. Blazers…. Cardigans… Layer it up.

3. ACCESSORIES. Do not skimp on the accessories. You do NOT want your accessories to be basic. But you also don’t want to look like you’re selling jewelry from Avon and wearing your entire collection. If you wear huge overstated earrings, keep your necklace small. If you’re wearing a big necklace, go with smaller earrings. Layering of necklaces is a skill you need to acquire also. Google this.

4. Wear CUTE SHOES. You either need really basic or really high style shoes. You don’t want to wear anything in between! And PLEASE… do NOT wear high heels if you don’t know how to WALK in them. It doesn’t matter how stylish they are if you are tripping and falling all over the street!

5. Keep your nails looking nice. Nothing says, “I don’t have a single area of my life together” quite like dirty ragged, gnarly, broken fingernails. You don’t have to paint them to have them look nice. But keeping them clean, filed, even and well manicured goes a long way towards your look. Of course, nail polish really does bring your whole look together… But it’s not a requirement. (I keep my nails painted….)

6. Simple Make Up. If you don’t have time for full make up (and how many of us do?) I’m going to let you all in on a little secret… Usually I do my make up in 5 minutes or less and people think I spend hours on it. How?

I used to try to do the contouring, crazy hours long make up tutorials that I saw on the internet, but good grief who has TIME for that? NOT ME! But I did learn that using STICK foundation can cut so much time off.

I rub that little stick foundation all over my face, blend with a make up brush, add some bronzer under my cheek bones, blush on the apples of my cheeks, a few layers of mascara AND THEN (this is the BIG one)….

a BOLD lipstick color! That bold lipstick is what tricks people into thinking I’ve spent a lot of time on my makeup when I haven’t.

7. Super EASY and QUICK hairstyles. I don’t know what it’s like to try to figure out some of these cute hairstyles for shorter hair, but I do have a lot of 5 minute or less hairstyles for long hair:


What are your tricks for looking put together in a short amount of time?


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